NSK Varios Combi Pro

NSK Varios Combi Pro

NSK Varios Combi Pro – Two oral care systems in one!

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    • PROPHY-Handpiece with 60° Nozzle – PROPHY Hose – PROPHY CHAMBER – FLASH pearl (5 pcs. x 15 g Sachets)

– Maintenance Kit – VA2LUX-Handpiece – VA2LUX-Hose – 3 Scaling Tips – Sterilization Case – Irrigation Bottle (400 mL) – Foot Control

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NSK Varios Combi Pro

NSK Varios Combi Pro – Two oral care systems in one!

Combining ultrasonic scaling and powder therapy for more effective and comfortable oral hygiene and biofilm control.

NSK has combined ultrasonic treatment and powder therapy into a single professional treatment unit that streamlines procedures and saves time and space

Automatically sets powder

The clinician simply attaches the relevant powder chamber, and the NSK Varios Combi Pro automatically selects the functions for supragingival or subgingival applications. This prevents selection errors.

Independent unit and chamber

The detachable chamber and handpiece make it possible to easily switch between supragingival and subgingival applications and make the unit extremely user and maintenance friendly.

No more clogging

By keeping the control unit, handpiece and handpiece hose separate the risk of powder blockages inside the unit has been completely eliminated. The components carrying powder and water are all easily accessible for maintenance and service.

Keeps both powder types separate

Separate chambers, handpieces, and handpiece hoses for supragingival and subgingival procedures eliminate the risk of powder mixing or powder entering the control unit.

Clear display

A clear function display enhances safety and efficiency by enabling clinicians to quickly confirm which programme is in use: supragingival, subgingival or ultrasonic, the 10 power levels and spray water volume.

Auto-cleaning function

Auto-cleaning automatically cleans the handpiece and hose after powder or ultrasonic applications. During the cleaning cycle, the display shows the tie remaining to complete the process which takes approximately 45 seconds from start to finish.

Easy maintenance

The nozzle, handpiece, handpiece hose and chamber are easy to disassemble.

Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning

The body is seamless and smooth making it easy to remove powder residues. The display material has been treated with a scratch-resistant coating.


The iPiezo engine easily and comfortably removes both soft and hard calculus by powering the tip according to the pressure applied. The ultrasonic engine features state-of-the-art software to maximise performance while minimising patient discomfort.

Slim handpiece ensures safety and accuracy

The slim, lightweight and wells-balanced handpick offers outstanding accessibility and manoeuvrability and a wide operative field. The fine tip provides easy access to posterior teeth that can be hard to reach. Free and unrestricted movement enables clinicians to maintain the right tip angle. The superior handpiece grip dramatically reduces the stress on clinicians’ fingers and reduces fatigue, even during extended use.


Stable powder spraying

NSK’s expertise in fluid analysis techniques, gained through developing turbines, optimise powder flows inside the chamber, streamlining sprays of powder, water and air to significantly reduce chair time.

User-friendly handpiece and nozzle

The slim handpiece provides excellent accessibility and manoeuvrability inside the oral cavity. The long, compact nozzle provides easier access to molars, reducing discomfort to both clinicians and patients by eliminating unnecessary lip and cheek stretching while maintaining a wide operative field.

Perio System Option

Gentle on soft tissue

Separating powder and water during application prevents periodontal damage. Powder flows in all directions to remove sub gingival plaque.

Automatic spray force adjustment

Connecting the subgingival chamber automatically lowers the spray pressure to 20% of the supra gingival level to guarantee safe operation during sub gingival application.

Safe plastic nozzle

The flexible nozzle tip can follow tooth contours and is easy to insert into periodontal pockets, thereby minimising patient discomfort. The tips are semi-transparent to aid visibility and are individually packaged.

Wide range of applications

Applications range from quick biofilm removal to cleaning around dental implants and periodontal pockets. With the nozzle tip removed, clinicians can remove plaque from sub gingival pockets of up to 3mm.

Order code Y1002843


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