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Slow Speed Dental Handpieces UK

BDSI are an authorised distrubutor for NSK, Kavo, Bien Air, MK-dent, Nakamura Dental, Anthogyr and Saeyang

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W&H Slow Speed Dental Handpieces. Alegra Straight and Contra-angle Handpieces without light. Small head and ergonomic design. The Alegra straight and contra-angle handpieces are designed for comfortable working. Thanks to excellent ergonomics, the straight and contra-angle handpieces from W&H prevent excessive strain on your hands during preparation. The small contra-angle head allows optimal view of the treatment site.

Nakamura Dental Slow Speed Dental Handpieces. ECN-20L EC-20L NSK Compatible slow speed handpieces. Handpieces for dental polishing. Dental Contra Angle. Slow Speed Contra. Dental Handpieces manufactured in Japan. BDSI is EU distributor for Nakamura Dental Handpieces.

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