Ultrasonic Scalers

Dental Ultrasonic Scalers

Woodpecker Scalers | UDS-E Dental Scaler with water bottle.

DTE Scalers | DTE D7 DTE D5 Dental Scaler units. D7 has self contained water bottle. D5 scaler connects directly into water line.

Woodpecker and DTE scalers are sold with accessories; Scaling handpiece, foot pedal, power supply, torque wrench, 2 x water bottles (where applicable) 7 scaling tips.

Woodpecker Scaling Units are EMS compatible

DTE scaling units are Satelec Acteon compatible

Bonart Scalers | ART M3III PRO Magnetostrictive scaler. Compatible with Dentsply Inserts. ART Marquee scaler is a stand alone dental scaler. Direct water feed. ART M4PRO Magnetostrictive scaler has integrated water bottle so the scaling unit is portable and can be used in any dental practice.

Full range of dental scalers available. From NSK Varios including Varios Handpieces and Varios Tips. Satelec Scalers including the Newtron Newtron P5 Newtron Booster and more.

Compatible scaler handpieces Woodpecker HW-6 and DTE HD-8H

Browse the range and see which best suits the needs of your dental practice.
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