NSK Handpieces

BDSI  is an authorised UK Dealer for NSK Dental
We stock the full range of NSK Dental Equipment.

Turbines – Pana Max | S-Max | Ti-Max All High speed handpieces are at offer prices and include NSK Promotions when they are available. Pana Max 2 Handpieces screw directly onto your dental tubing. Available in 2 hole borden or 4 hole midwest. S-Max Handpieces and Ti-Max High speed handpieces are available to fit couplings.

Slow Speed Handpieces | Speed Increasing Handpieces | Electric Handpieces | Endodontic Handpieces. BDSI offer a full range of NSK Handpieces. Slow Speed handpieces including the NAC-EC which is the NSK budget handpiece, available at sale price and included in NSK promotion. The FX series is the next generation of slow speed NSK handpieces. BDSI Offer this range at discounted prices and also offer the NSK Promotion. Speed Increasing Handpieces to be used on an electric motor such as the NLX Nano or the Bien Air Optima. TI-Max Z series, S-Max M Series with 1:5 Speed increasing handpieces. So the dentist has the power to control the handpiece speed from low speed up to turbine speed while using a single handpiece. Endodontic Handpieces include the TI-Endo and the NSK Endo-Mate DT, a corded endodontic handpiece and motor. The Endo-Mate TC2 which is a cordless rotary endodontic motor which has 5 programmes for different endodontic file systems.

NSK Dental Equipment. Including the Prophy Mate Neo | Perio Mate | Vario Surg | Surgic Pro | Varios 970 and Varios CombiPro.
NSK Prophy Mate Neo tooth polishing system which uses prophy polishing powder Flash Pearl. NSK Perio Mate Periodontal cleaning system which uses Glycine Powder NSK PerioMate Powder