BDSI Dental Supplies provide a range of autoclaves suitable for use in dental practices in the UK.


has been designing and manufacturing autoclaves for over 60 years. With famous brand names such as the Little Sister, SES, Matron and Merlin, we take pride in providing high quality products manufactured in the UK.

Our latest range of tried and trusted autoclaves have been designed to help your practice run efficiently and effectively.

Prestige Medical

Our autoclaves are developed and manufactured to ensure the safety of staff, patients, instruments and working environments. Easy to use, reliable and cost-effective, our autoclaves include a host of new features to help simplify and streamline the day to day sterilisation of re-usable instruments.


NSK offer a range of products to suit your needs and keep your dentistry equipment clean, safe and in excellent condition. We offer the iClave which features a powerful vacuum combined with a differentiated heating system to sterilise all materials and instruments, including the internal surfaces of handpieces


Moist heat in the form of saturated steam under pressure, is by far the most reliable medium, known for the destruction of all forms of microbial life. With the wide range of sterilizers W&H is able to offer the perfect sterilizer for each demand.