High Speed Couplings

High speed handpiece couplings | Dental Handpiece Connectors

BDSI Ltd stock couplings from all major manufacturers NSK, Kavo, Bien Air, MK-Dent. We have couplings to fit every handpiece on the market so if you are unsure, please give our sales team a call and we would be happy to talk you through your options and ensure you get the correct fitting.

NSK PTL, NSK QDJ, NSK couplings to fit NSK high speed handpieces. Also KCL-LED which is Kavo compatible NSK coupling

KAVO 460E, 460LE, 460LED Multiflex Couplings. Also 465LED, 465LRN, 465RN Multiflex fitting to fit Kavo Handpieces

Bien Air Unifix Couplings to fit Bien Air high speed handpieces.

W&H Roto Quick Couplings. W&H Roto Quick couplings are ideal for instruments with LED+, LED and halogen light. The W&H Roto Quick coupling is a connection piece for the transmission of media (air, water, electricity and light) between the supply hose of the dental unit and the air drives.

W&H Roto Quick couplings are versatile to use and are suitable both for instruments with LED+, LED as well as halogen light.

MK-Dent provide a range of compatible couplings to fit all handpiece manufacturers. NSK, Kavo, W&H fittings all available. Manufactured in Germany to the highest standard.