Speed Increasing Handpieces

Speed Increasing Handpieces – UK Dental Supplies offer a wide range of speed increasing handpieces to be used on a micromotor.

Speed Increasing Handpieces provide greater control to the dentist. Range from slow speed to turbine speed all in one handpiece. NSK Speed Increasing Handpieces include the Z95L which has a water spray switch to help reduce Aerosols during an AGP | Bien Air Speed Increasing handpieces offer great value for money | Kavo Dental Speed Increasing Handpieces are high quality German manufactured handpieces | W&H Speed Increasing Handpieces, Synea Vision, the premium instrument line in the Synea series offers outstanding innovation and long service life guaranteeing excellent treatment results for restoration and prosthetics. Synea Fusion – proven Synea quality at an outstanding price Uncompromising user comfort with proven Synea quality and optimum service life.

BDSI Dental Supplies leading suppliers of dental equipment in the UK. British Dental Association Trusted Supplier.