Kavo EXPERTmatic E20L

Kavo EXPERTmatic E20L

Internal single spray, smaller head, improved visibility thanks to the 25,000 Lux glass rod light conductor.

Optic L E20L and non optic C E20C



Kavo EXPERTmatic E20L (1:1) Contra Angle

Kavo EXPERTmatic E20L (Optic) E20C (Non Optic)

1:1 contra angle handpiece.

Internal water cooling.

Push button chuck for CA/RA burs 2.35mm.

Even smaller head for greater precision and easier access.

Single water spray.

A spring loaded alignment lug gives very easy handling.

Optic / non optic versions available.

Kavo Range

KaVo Expert Series

Best price-longevity and efficiency
Maximum work efficiency
Proven efficient handpiece technology


Additional information

Optic / Non-Optic

Optic, Non – Optic


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