Bien Air CA 1:1

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Bien Air CA 1:1 direct drive Classic Line non-optic (blue band) max speed 40,000 rpm. Fully re-designed bur-locking and rotation drive mechanism ensuring ultra-precise concentricity and stability. Stainless steel bearings, triple spray with 2 Year Warranty.


Bien Air CA 1:1 Classic Line

Bien Air CA 1:1 Classic Line and CA 1:5 epitomise the reliability and quality Bien-Air has built its reputation on. They are still earning respect and admiration after 40 years and remain popular models in the Bien Air line-up.


  • Accu-Spray Sep.3 with dualook™ illumination

This ultra-precise nebulization system is composed of three separate air and water sprays providing comprehensive cooling to the bur and treatment site. Combined with two dualook™ multi-strand optical glass conductors, un-obscured intraoral visibility is guaranteed from wider angles.


  • Accu-Chuck™ bur-locking and rotation drive mechanism

This proven bur-locking and vibration-cancelling system vouches for optimal stability and precision, no matter the rotational speed. Assembled with Bien-Air’s Soft Push™ button, bur release is quick and easy.


  • Cool Touch™ safety

Conveniently integrated into the head’s push button, this patented anti-heating technology is designed to maintain the instrument’s head at a safe temperature, thereby significantly decreasing patient burn injuries.


  • Soft Push

Bien-Air’s unique push-button insert locking mechanism. Light pressure is all that is needed. Bur changing is quick and comfortable. This mechanism guarantees firm yet precise locking.

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