W&H Lyla Autoclave

W&H Lyla Autoclave

S Type Dental Steriliser with 20 mins fast cycle.

Available in 17 Litre and 22 Litre Chamber Sizes

Upgradeable to B Type steriliser when using a W&H Activation Code.

Price includes delivery, installation, validation and operator training

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W&H Lyla Autoclave

W&H Lyla Autoclave. S Type Dental Steriliser.

Available in 17L and 22L chamber size

Simple to use colour touch screen – Easy to start a new cycle or schedule daily tests out of hours.

Combines outstanding reliability and traceability with exceptional speed.

S wrapped cycle times automatically adjust to fit the load;
0.5kg load 38 mins
2.0kg load 42 mins
4.0kg load 45 mins
S FAST CYCLE – 20 mins

USB data logger included for full audit compliance. No addidional software required to view information.

Remotely monitor using the W&H Steri App (free download) using the optional wi-fi kit.

Smart Upgrades

From S to B: Needs and requirements may change. Prepare yourself now with Lyla. With the Activation Code system, additional functions can be activated according to your needs. The “B cycle” feature upgrades Lyla simply and quick to a B type sterilizer according to EN 13060
B-Cycle 2.0kg load 45 mins
Rapid Eco B-Cycle 0.5kg 25 mins

Ergonomically designed. Adjustable feet to adapt depending on the workbench layout.
Easy to clean both inside and out.
Easy water fill using the integrated funnell. Or use automatic fill / drain function (8mm fitting, requires pressurised water source)

Thanks to the high level of reliability, it is reccomended an annual service is carried out, with a major  service  set to 4,000 cycles or 5 years.

In the last 12 months, W&H report an up time of 98.7% (up time equates to time when all sterilizers were working), which in the current market is above industry standard (industry standard 80-86%).

Lyla sterilization programs

Sterilization cycle S Wrapped 134 S Prion 134 S Gentle 121 S Unwrapped 134
Temperature: 134 °C 134 °C 121 °C 134 °C
Holding time (minutes): 4 18′ 30” 20′ 30” 4
Total cycle duration
(minutes) including
complete drying:
Automatic from Typical
Automatic from Typical
Automatic from Automatic from Typical
Lyla 17
38′ to 45′
52′ to 59′
56′ 61′ to 64′ 20′ to 26′ 23′
Lyla 22 (220 V)
39′ to 46′
53′ to 60′
57′ 62′ to 66′ 21′ to 27′ 24′
Lyla 22 (110 V)
49′ to 56′
63′ to 71′
65′ 69′ to 73 28′ to 35′ 30′
Lyla 17/22 loads:
maximum solid 4 kg/typical 2 kg/maximum porous 0.5 kg
maximum 4 kg unwrapped
Lyla 17/22 container load: maximum 4 kg not applicable
Test cycles: Bowie and Dick/Vacuum test

Lyla Sterilizer

Lyla 17 Lyla 22
Type: RIN-210 RIN-210
Chamber size: 17 l 22 l
Power supply: 200–240 V AC; 50 Hz or 60 Hz; 10 A single phase 200–240 V AC; 50 Hz or 60 Hz; 10 A single phase
100–125 V AC; 50 Hz/60 Hz; 12 A single phase
Power consumption: 2.0–2.4 kW 220 V: 2.0–2.4 kW
110 V: 1.2–1.5 kW
Overall dimension
(width × height × depth):
465 × 452 × 646 mm
Weight: 40 kg 42 kg
Main / used water tanks: 4.8/4.8 l
Working range: 7 to 10 cycles
Usable space in chamber:
(width × height × depth)¹:
195 × 195 × 312 mm 195 × 195 × 400 mm
Connection types: 1 USB port in the front (additional 1 in the rear as option), automatic water filling kit (optional)

(1) Usable space is referred to standard rack configuration.

Lisa sterilizers were designed, certified and validated with the most stringent directives and standards:
N°2017/745 Medical Device Regulation
2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive
EN 13060 Small steam sterilizer
IEC 61326-1 Electromagnetic compatibility
IEC 61010-1 Safety requirements sterilizer
IEC 61010-2-040 Specific requirements for steam sterilizer
IEC 61770 Electric appliances connected to the water mains

Lyla 17
REF 19951150

Lyla 22 
REF 19952150

Chamber size 22 litre

Items supplied with reversible rack, 3 aluminium trays, drain tube, tray holder, 8 GB USB drive, door opening tool, factory test

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17 Litre, 22 Litre


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