SDI Go! (5ml bottle kit)

SDI GO! 5m bottle + accessories

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SDI GO! 5m bottle + accessories

SDI Go! A single component light cured self-etching, fluoride releasing dentin and enamel bonding system.


  • bonding of direct resin based restorations
  • bonding of indirect restorations with indicated resin cement
  • bonding composite to old amalgam
  • orthodontic brackets*
  • repairing composite, porcelain and hybrid ceramic
  • restorations
  • sealing exposed root surfaces causing hypersensitivity
  • cavity sealing prior to placement of indirect restorations
  • treatment of hypersensitivity
  • desensitizing cervical areas
  • crown preparations (* etching required)

Contains 1 x Go! 5ml Bottle, 50 x Points disposable brush applicators & 1 x Mixing Well.

Note this product needs to be refrigerated.


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