Prestige Ultraclean 3 Washer Disinfector (underbench)

Prestige Ultraclean 3 Washer Disinfector (underbench)

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Tiva 2 Washer Disinfector

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Prestige Ultraclean 3 Washer Disinfector (underbench)

Ultraclean 3 washer disinfector Under Bench

Incorporates a new, 35 minute ‘Quick Cycle’ for faster processing of instruments
Viewing window and illuminated chamber enables the operator to make a simple check to ensure the machine is operating correctly
Fully compliant to EN 15883 and HTM2030 – the recommended best practice standard – to give you peace of mind LI>Seamless hands free process from the dentist through to sterilization in the autoclave, eleminating sharps injuries and instrument damage
High load capacity despite its compact size.
Forced hot air drying removes all moisture on the instruments makung them sterilization ready for the autoclave
Self-dosing detergent delivers consistent results – reduces waste and costs less per cycle
Unique air gap prevents backflow pollution to ensure the safe disposal of contaminated fluids required by BS EN1717:2001
Can be supplied with optional data logger or printer for easy recordable data capture – essential for compliance
W560 x H800 x D575

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