Kavo Surgtorque S459C

Kavo Surgtorque S459C Surgical Dental Handpiece

SURGtorque S459 3.000.5063 | SURGtorque LUX S459 L 3.000.4808


Kavo Surgtorque S459C

Kavo Surgtorque S459C – 45° turbine for 25mm burs.

  • Precise Power
  • Uniquely Angled Head
  • Increased Access

With its uniquely angled head, increased access is simple.

Dental turbine KaVo SURGtorque S459C features 19 W of cutting power for faster preps

Side and rear exhaust to help increase patient safety, and enduring KaVo quality.

▪ SURGtorque high speed turbines with 45° head are especially suitable for difficult areas and molar regions due to their uniquely angled head and designed for surgical burs 25 mm

▪ The rear air exhaust guides air away from the operation area by side vents

▪ Also the water irrigation flow is without spray air

▪ SURGtorque 459 L / C has a special head design to reach the molars and to do molar extraction

Surg Torque 459C – non optic fits directly onto 4 hole Midwest tubing.

Surg Torque 459L – Optic fits onto Kavo Multiflex Coupling.

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Optic Multiflex Connection, Non Optic Midwest Connection


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