Kavo Electromatic Plus

Kavo Electromatic Plus

Air/Electric motor conversion kit (controller, tubing, brushless electric motor and fixtures) for any treatment unit. Easy retrofitting of existing air-driven treatment units. Allows the dentist to up- grade to an electric motor and all its advantage, within minutes.

ELECTROmatic M/C controller, world transformer 230v with Power cable (2 m), connecting cable (5m). Assembly set with multiple fixtures and remote option (Option, for mounting the display seperate). Motor tubing.

Includes 3 X E25L Speed Increasing Handpieces FREE

ELECTROmatic  1.012.8541

£3,594.00 inc. VAT
£2,995.00 ex. VAT


Kavo Electromatic Plus

Kavo Electromatic Plus Air to electric motor conversion kit for dental units

System advantages:

▪ Superior Performance with the brushless INTRAmatic LUX KL 703 LED motor. Constant speed and torque even at high load. Motor torque up to 3 Ncm. Quieter than a brush motor. Water spray can be adjusted at motor tubing. MULTI LED light with 25.000 LUX. SMARTdrive System with lightweight tube and ergonomic advantages.

▪ Optional Version: COMFORTbase instead of KL703 motor, with ergonomic balanced system and an improved speed range from 20.000-200.000 rpm

▪ Speed control via pressure regulation with the foot pedal for electrically-driven KaVo hand- pieces. Motor speed range 100-40,000 rpm various attachments 2-200,000 rpm (depending on selected handpiece).

▪ Small, easy to install control box with multiple fixtures for flexible & ergonomic mounting posi- tions. Auto calibration to existing air pressure for optimized performance.

▪ Reliable and proven system 40 years of experience in electrics, 20 years in ELECTROmatic. Ex- changeable water filter for constant high spray quality.


ELECTROmatic Plus – The perfect solution for all high- and low-speed applications

Perfect control and programmable speed settings allow the stable running of the bur. The colour LCD Display shows the actual motorspeed and the three speed programs are easy to set-up. This allows a fast set-up for all high-speed and low-speed applications.

Additional Highlights & Advantages

  • 3 Speed presets
  • LCD-Colour screen and touch buttons
  • Right/left rotation

As easy to install as to work with

The ELECTROmatic versions can be installed in many positions to reach highest flexibility and perfect ergonomics for the dentist. All necessary fixtures allow assembly under, beside, on top of, behind the tray or onto a wall or cabinet. The display can easily be installed remotely with the integrated cord. The control box will be installed hidden under the tray.

ELECTROmatic System Couplers, Motors & Electric Motor Controller

Fast and easy set-up and installation

Mount the ELECTROmatic, then connect the turbine tube, the motor tube to the motor and connect the transformer to mains. With the first push of the foot pedal of the treatment unit, the system gets automatically set-up to the existing air pressure. System is optionally available with long tube for rear delivery set-up of the controller, e.g. onto a cabinet.


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