Medi Check Incubator

Medi-Check Incubator


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Medi Check Incubator

Medi-Check Incubator. Medi-Check is a quick and easy way to accurately monitor the cleanliness of washer disinfectors and surgical equipment in support of infection prevention and control procedures.

Medi-Check detects any protein from body fluids or tissue on a surface after cleaning . Simply swab a surface, release the reagent and if any residue containing protein is present the reagent will turn purple. The colour change provides a semi-quantitative measure of the surface cleanliness. The more contamination present, the quicker the colour change to purple and the darker the colour.

Medi-Check quickly validates the hygiene of a surface, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken if necessary. The data generated provides
vital management information, proof of hygiene practices and evidence of due diligence.

Medi-Check is unique in that the test can be both incubated and non-incubated. The test is sensitive enough to fully comply with the HTM01-05 and the HTM-2030, which ever method you decide to implement. The only difference between incubating and not incubating is the size of the sample swabbed. If incubating you need to only swab one instrument, non-incubating requires you to swab 6 instruments.



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