Acteon Satelec AIR n GO EASY Air Polisher

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Acteon Satelec AIR n GO EASY Air Polisher

AIR n GO Easy – the dual function Air Polisher from Acteon

Adaptable handpiece for both SUPRA and SUB-gingival treatments

Four different nozzles available (Supra, Perio Easy, Perio and Perio Maintenance. (Supra nozzle supplied as standard – others are optional).

Full range of powders available for all clinical needs.

Available to fit a range of different high speed connectors.


Standard kit contains: 

  • AIR-n-GO Easy handpiece with high-speed adaptor
  • 1 x SUPRA 120 degree nozzle
  • 1 x intro kit of 10 multi-flavour sticks of ‘CLASSIC’ powder
  • 2 x sticks of ‘PEARL’ powder
  • 1 x AIR-n-GO Easy maintenance kit




Acteon Satelec AIR n GO EASY Air Polisher

AIR-n-GO Easy – the dual function Air Polisher from Acteon


Dual Functions

  • SUPRA function for supra-gingival polishing: daily prophylactic polishing
  • PERIO function for sub-gingival polishing: maintenance, periodontal and peri-implant treatments

Main characteristics

  • AIR-n-GO Easy Air Polisher uses a single handpiece to cover a range of treatments
  • Thin and well balanced
  • Direct connection to your high speed connector or 4-hole midwest tubing
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Easy cleaning of the handpiece – the main parts can be dismantled

Choice of 4 different nozzles

  • SUPRA nozzle – for any supra-gingival  treatment. (Supplied as standard).
  • PERIO EASY nozzle – ‘shoehorn’ shape for easy sub-gingival insertion. Teats non-surgical periodontal disease in pockets from 3 to 8 mm. (Optional PERIO EASY kit.)
  • PERIO MAINTENANCE – for periodontal maintenance in pockets up to 4mm. (Optional – supplied alone).
  • PERIO nozzle – dedicated to treating surcial and non-surgical periodontal disease in deep pockets (8 to mm). Laser mark every 3mm. (Optional – supplied alone).

‘CLASSIC’ powders

  • Sodium bicarbonate based.
  • 5 flavours available: Neutral, cola, raspberry, peppermint and lemon.
  • Removes coloured stains and bacterial plaque, even in areas that are difficult to access.

‘PERIO’ powder

  • Natural glycine-based
  • Exclusive use for sub-gingival treatments to complement initial therapy
  • Low abrasiveness
  • Prevents progression of sub-gingival biofilm


Order codes:

Bien Air – F10133

Kavo – F10135

W&H – F10131

Sirona – F10132

Midwest 4 hole – F10105



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